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Readers Invited To Email Us Ideas For Future Posts

By emailing us ideas for future posts, think of yourself as a member of our Virtual Readers Board.

West Fargo, ND – The FM Observer is cordially inviting all of our readers to email us any ideas for future posts that you would like to see (or not see).

As a member of FM Observer’s Virtual Readers Board, not only can you help steer the ship, but it will also look real good on your resume.

If an idea pops into your head for either a fake news story or perhaps a satirical post about a “real” news story, simply email it to fmobserver@gmail.com.

Ideas can be just one or two words, or perhaps a full headline. They will be discussed at our daily round-table discussion group meetings and then possibly assigned to one of our many capable reporters and writers.

As a bonus, every emailed idea will get your email address put into a large ceramic cookie jar from whence we may periodically select a winner of some fabulous prizes, which may include (but not limited to): a pet hamster, a framed autographed picture, and a one-way ticket to some random destination.

If there is something going on (or not going on) that you think we should address, please let us know by emailing your idea(s) to fmobserver@gmail.com!

FM Observer Hiring SPAM Email Answerer

Give these spammers a taste of their own medicine.

Fargo, ND – Our email address fmobserver@gmail.com has been getting its ass kicked by SPAM lately and our receptionist Blenda has been unable to keep up. Between sifting through the seemingly constant flow of corporate buyout and advertising requests, she’s simply not able to sarcastically fulfill each and every Nigerian prince’s donation inquiry in a timely manner because we at FM Observer will be damned if we let one zany SPAM email go unanswered.

Are you familiar with SPAM email? Silly question–of course you are. Who hasn’t taken a leisurely dip into the cesspool that is their SPAM inbox, if only for pure amazement? Next question: do you consider yourself a smart Alec? A silly Sammy? A snarky Susan? If you answered yes to these, you’re the right person for the job.

Skint Boobidoo, III

One lucky Larry will be assigned the unending task of replying hilariously to every SPAM email fmobserver@gmail.com gets. This position can be highly amusing for the right candidate. You will engage the sender in hilarious-yet-offputting banter until the sender becomes infuriated to the point of blocking you.

Successful applicants must undergo Trump-inspired “serious vetting” prior to enlistment in this permanent part-time temporary project. Terms of employment will be discussed during vetting. Come prepared.

FM Observer correspondent Skint Boobidoo, III has already applied so your chances of landing the gig are very limited, but do try anyway. Leave your credentials in the comments section and we’ll consider hiring you instead of Skint.

Event: Weekly Spam Email Poetry Reading

Help! Nigerian Inheritance Erection Insurance.

Help! Nigerian Inheritance Erection Insurance.

Fargo, ND—Spam email: the scourge of the inbox. We all get it. Some of us have even replied to one or two. Have you ever gotten a spam email so over-the-top you just had to share its contents? Did you ever feel like sharing that spam email in a jazzy nightclub setting? Then have we got the evening for you!

An exciting new event sponsored by the FM Observer is making its way to Thady’s Lounge on 6th St (next to the haunted mannequin warehouse). The F-M Orators Club is hosting a come-one-come-all Spam Email Poetry Reading every Thursday night at 7:00pm! 

Bring a collection of your zaniest spam emails to be read live onstage! Listen as folks hilariously recite the incoherent and oftentimes inexplicable requests contained in their Spam inbox! Witness as a pair of mimes provide a live reenactment of the spam email as it’s told by the reader! Actual spam is preferred, but original spam is encouraged. Write your own spam email and share it with the rest of the group, why don’t you?

Admission is free for this gawdy, awful event. BYOSpam. Emails can be read from your smartphone if you forget your printout. 

If You Go:

Where: Thady’s Lounge

When: Thursday nights at 7:00pm

Why: ??