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Very Varying Reviews On First Lady Michelle Obama’s Smithsonian Portrait

Some don’t see much of a resemblance to Michelle Obama whilst others say: Who cares?!

Painter, Virginia – After the official unveiling of Michelle Obama’s portrait for the Smithsonian Institution, debate immediately began on its likeness to the painting’s subject.

Our painting expert, Amsterdam Douglass, believes a portrait painter has a wide latitude in which to express their creative interpretation of a person or object.

“I personally love the Michelle Obama portrait, painted by Amy Sherald, who certainly has her own style, as do we all. If they wanted an exact likeness of First Lady Michelle Obama, then they should have used a photograph.”

Many others have a much differing opinion which generally goes like this: the painting is great, but should probably look very similar to the person who’s being painted.

One critic of the portrait suggested that just the face in the painting be corrected to look more like the First Lady before it is permanently institutionalized at the Smithsonian.

Local Cemeteries To Double As Paintball Parks

Graveyards make great paintball funparks

Graveyards make great funparks

Fargo, ND – Authorities have decided to allow all local cemeteries to be used as paintball game areas. Although some citizens voiced very strong opposition to this move, the vote was unanimous to allow graveyard owners to make extra money by opening them up as paintball parks.

Other regions of the country have toyed with the idea, but the greater Fargo-Moorhead area will be the first to not only allow it, but actually encourage it.

Gene Maxling, who voted for it after he previously had voted against it, explains: “We think paintball enthusiasts from all over the nation will flock to Fargo to use our cemeteries as the ultimate paintball playgrounds.”

Connie Livingstone, who works as a city planner, says that everyone agrees that “cemeteries serve a singular function by providing a home for the dead, but these valuable acres really don’t see much action. By allowing paintball in cemeteries, it will give these wonderful areas a dual purpose.”

The president of the United States Paintball Association is ecstatic about Fargo’s recent decision. Toby Redding wrote on his blog: “We are very stoked that Fargo is opening up its graveyards to our increasingly popular sport. Having all those large headstones to hide behind will be super awesome. Once someone shoots you with a paintball, it will give new meaning to the phrase ‘You’re dead!'”