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Leap Day Was Begun As An Extra Day To Do Something New Or Different

Leap Day is an extra day to try something new or do something differently.

Leapwood, TN – Leap Day was started by a man named John Leap from Tennessee.

Mister Leap believed that every four years people needed one extra day to do something different.

Whether it be rearranging your furniture, re-organizing and cleaning your garage, playing an instrument, writing and sending a postcard, or using a recipe to cook something new, Dr. Leap wanted folks to have one extra day every four years to break out of their mid-winter routines.

On this rare Leap Day, see if you can break out of your wintertime rut by doing some things differently or throwing in some new activities to spice up your life.

Think of Leap Day as a day to do it different. Leap for Life!

How To Find Your Groove Pattern (Before It’s Too Late)

Dr. Moose Gravert can help you find your Groove Pattern in the comfort of your own home.

Groove Park, USA – Have you been thinking you need to find your Groove Pattern?

Many just like you have been yearningly searching for their Groove Pattern before that window completely shuts in their life.

Luckily, your FM Observer has invited Dr. Moose Gravert to conduct some Groove Pattern workshops right here in River City.

Dr. Moose Gravert speaks:

“If you don’t like where you’re at, move to another Groove Pattern. Once we get into the right Groove Pattern, we’re like athletes in the zone.

You can always tell when a Groove Pattern is not working. Finding your Groove Pattern makes life flow better. When you get the right Groove Pattern going, time just flies. When you’re in a Groove Pattern, there is no thinking. Everything just happens.

There’s a feeling behind a Groove Pattern. A good Groove Pattern releases adrenaline in your body like the feeling when you’ve won a prize. You feel that energy. You feel uplifted, centered, calm, and powerful. That’s what good Groove Patterns are all about.

When you’re in a good Groove Pattern, you’re not spinning your wheels. You’re moving forward in a straight and narrow path, unwavering in your purpose. A Groove Pattern is the best place in the world. Because when you are in it, you have the freedom to explore your world.”

Groovily, all of the letters in Moose Gravert can be re-arranged to spell: Groove Master!