Fargo Realtor Being Sued For Calling Bedroom #1 The ‘Master Bedroom’

July 31st, 2017 | by Johnnny

Realtors no longer can safely refer to Bedroom #1 as the ‘Master Bedroom’, or ‘The Master’.

Fargo, ND – A top realtor in Fargo is being sued for a million dollars for insensitively referring to what should now be called Bedroom #1 as the “Master Bedroom”.

Lavinia Gamba, founder of Gamba Realty, is being sued by her clients, Dagman and Kusama Sheripov for using what they call an “offensive term” in reference to the largest bedroom in the home that they were being shown.

The Sheripovs: “We were utterly stunned when Ms. Gamba rudely called Bedroom #1 the Master Bedroom! We thought that archaic practice ceased when slavery ended. We could possibly get over the whole thing if we win this million dollar lawsuit recommended to us my our litiginator.”

Lavinia Gamba: “Is this a joke or what? Am I being punked here, c’monow! Everyone up in the Fargo area still calls it the Master Bedroom. If you sue me, then you need to do a class-action lawsuit against the entire upper Midwest region.”

The FM Observer will quickly be adding “Master Bedroom” to our Hot-List of politically incorrect terms, just in time for our next round of free adult education classes which only cost $50 per person per class. At these must-attend sessions, free coffee will be offered at $2 per cup.

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