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Josh Duhamel Lobbying to Purchase and Move City of Minot, ND

joshWith much fame and fortune earned, Josh Duhamel reaches out to his home town.

Minot, ND – Hometown kid-turned Hollywood celebrity Josh Duhamel is reaching out to his hometown in the best way he knows how. Mr. Duhamel has approached Minot city commission in a lobbying effort to legally procure the city he once called home. At a city hearing, he offered to start a “Move Minot” petition that would hopefully garner enough signatures and favorable support, thus allowing him to pay cash for the purchase and removal of the city:

“I am so endeared to my home town but hate coming back here as it is so cold and remote. I would like the city’s support in my efforts to purchase the city from the state of North Dakota and move it and its contents onto my property. Engineers and I have calculated that the valuable acreage of Minot, if condensed, would fit perfectly in mine and Fergie’s back yard in North Hollywood.”

He then proceeded to pull a large wad of what appeared to be $20 bills from his Armani suit coat pocket, smile and wave them temptingly¬†at the commission board. City commission members, looking impressed and flattered, stated they would take the offer of “cash for Minot” under serious advisement, but would make no guarantees.

Commission members were not directly available for comment.