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Things To Know About Valentine’s Day

This is the first known Valentine's Day card from 1921.

This is the first-known Valentine’s Day card from 1921. It’s worth an estimated $12,000,000!

Valentine, Nebraska – Most people don’t know the true history of Valentine’s Day.

Back in the early 1920’s, Dr. Valentine wanted to express to his wife how much he loved her.

As a successful heart surgeon, the shape of the heart was ubiquitous in his office.

He made the first-ever Valentine’s Day card (see picture) for his lovely wife, Lilly, on her birthday which just happened to be February 14th.

Today, Valentine’s Day cards are big business, as is evidenced by walking down the┬ácard aisle at your local grocery store.

But the really big business is collecting vintage Valentine’s Day cards.

Some of the average ones dating back to the 1920’s are worth between $20,000 to $75,000.

A few of the more rare and sought-after cards can bring millions of dollars at vintage auction houses.

If you really want to give your Valentine something special, look up in your attic for any old vintage Valentine’s Day cards that may be worth more than your fricking house!

Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day from the FM Observer!