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Woman Suing Hot Sauce For Being Too Hot

How hot is too hot?

Hot Springs, SD – An angry elderly woman is suing the makers of a hot sauce called The Ghost for being too darn hot!

Ms. Osucha Hogsett claims that after putting just a small portion of The Ghost hot sauce on her enchilada, she burned her mouth quite badly.

Her litigious attorney, whose name is Bhut Jolokia, says that Osucha now cannot taste anything besides the hot sauce, and her mouth is swollen up like a partially deflated basketball.

Ms. Hogsett and Mr. Jolokia are seeking $4.3 million for both pain and suffering, along with some punitive damages just for good measure.

How does this make you feel? Hot and bothered? Boiling mad? Does it hit your hot button? Should Osucha Hosett strike while the iron’s hot?

Ironically, all the letters in Osucha Hogsett can hotly be re-arranged to spell: Ghost Hot Sauce!

Contest Winner Eats 81 Tacos In 15 Minutes

How many hard-shell tacos can you eat in 15 minutes?

Moorhead, MN – What do you do when you’re really hungry?

Well, during Moorhead’s recent Taco Eating Contest, a Moorhead man named Tomas Couch set a new record by consuming 81 hard-shell tacos in 15 minutes.

The previous record set last year by Audie Boelz was an astounding 77 hard-shell tacos in 15 minutes.

Moorhead originally began their annual Taco Eating Contest back in 1970 when the taco was first discovered in Mexico by a Moorhead tour group.

FMO: So, how did you feel after you ate 81 hard-shell tacos in 15 minutes?

Tomas Couch: I probably would’ve felt better if they would’ve been soft-shell tacos!

Ironically, all the letters in Tomas Couch can be re-arranged in 15 minutes to spell: Mucho Tacos!