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Family Trapped In Fargo Escape Room For Weeks

If you don’t escape from an Escape Room, then you’re trapped like rats, up a creek without a paddle.

Fargo, ND – A family that tried to find their way out of an Escape Room ended up being lost and forgotten for a number of weeks.

Ms. Paulette Soules along with her husband and their three children apparently were not up to the Escape Room challenge.

Unfortunately, when their problem solving skills weren’t good enough to help them think outside the box, they somehow got forgotten in some hidden back room with no doors or windows but which luckily had a refrigerator that was fully stocked with beer and various snack foods.

Ironically, all of the letters in Paulette Soules can be re-arranged to spell: Please, let us out!

Mind Expansion Seminars Can Help You Reach Beyond Your Full Potential!

Consider your mind to be the final frontier of endless possibilities.

West Fargo, ND Have you been thinking that up until now you have not been using the full power of your mind?

Do you sometimes wonder how much brain power is actually under the hood of your head?

The FM Observer is proud to announce that our dear friend Dr. Madison Pennix will be hosting some powerful and lifechanging Mind Expansion Seminars in the FM area.

All subjects related to thinking, memory, logic, intuition, and cognition will be discussed in serious talks sprinkled with levity and personal anecdotes.

Please stop by our corporate headquarters to sign up for these free Mind Expansion Seminars but we do ask for a voluntary mandatory donation of $500 to help provide seminar leaders and special guests with enough food and drink to make them feel like rock stars during their time here.

Ironically, all the letters in Madison Pennix can be re-arranged to spell: Mind Expansion!

Top 10 Responses To FMO’s Man-On-The-Street Question: What If The Unthinkable Happens?

FMO's Man-On-The-Street wants to know what you think!

FMO’s Man-On-The-Street wants to know what U think!

Fargo, ND – Our main man, Peter Quisling, is back out on the unswept sidewalks of the infamous Downtown Fargo, asking random people his most interesting Question-of-the-Day: What if the unthinkable happens?

After gathering hundreds of answers, Peter has compiled his Top Ten List of responses to the question:

What if…the Unthinkable happens?!

10. I would rather not think about it.

9. Excuse me, but do we know each other?

8. If Trump got elected, I’d move back to Cuba.

7. This is why I always keep extra Xanax on hand.

6. Honestly, I would probably go get an abortion.

5. Is this some sort of joke? Where’s the camera?

4. My family and I would most likely move to Vergas.

3. Isn’t this why we all have insurance coverage?!

2. I still think Hillary could be president from prison.

1. My answer is two simple words: Panic Room.