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Society Beginning To Show Signs Of Early Dementia Along With Schizophrenia And Bipolarism

The three windows of collective crazy are schizophrenia, bipolarization, and dementia.

Earth, Milky Way – Social experts are now in unanimous agreement that global society in general is showing all the telltale signs of madness.

Dr. Gamela Dowling explains that all the signs are present to evidence the fact that the world’s human population as a whole is tilting toward group sickness.

Dr. Omega Dingwall says that the three-legged stool of a society going crazy is: 1. demographic dementia, 2. social schizophrenia, and 3. behavioral bipolarity.

Doctors Dowling and Dingwall will carefully continue to observe global society for signs of group sickness as should each and every one of us, as we comfortably sit down to uncomfortably watch the local, national, and world news reports documenting the crazy times in which we live.

Crazily, all the letters in both Omega Dingwall and Gamela Dowling re-arrange into: We All Going Mad!

Join FMO On A Whirlwind Trip Around The World

Make New Friends While Seeing 100 Cities In 100 Days

Non-stop travel means non-stop fun!

Non-stop travel means non-stop fun!

Fargo, ND – We here at the FM Observer are gearing up for our 1st Annual Trip Around The World.

The plan is to hit one hundred cities in one hundred days of fun-packed adventure while making some new life-long friends.

This whirlwind world tour will include stops in such places as: Milan, Madrid, Melbourne, Mexico City, Minsk, Moscow, Monterey, Montreal, and Mutunopolis. Basically any city that starts with an ‘M’ is fair game.

In some cities we might be there for only a couple of hours especially if we can’t find any decent rooms to rent.

Travelers would need to have a valid passport and would be limited to one carry-on piece of luggage.

The total cost per person is unclear at this time so you’ll have to bring lots of money.

For more details, simply contact Fly-By-Night Travel and ask for Merlin. Tell him you’ll be traveling with the FM Observer group and that you want the “Fun Package”.

World-Wide Jogger Returns Home To Nobody

No Welcome Home. No Celebration. No Nothing.

No Welcome Home. No Celebration. No Nothing.

Joggins, Nova Scotia – Archie Blackburn set out 22 years ago to jog around the entire world. He had jotted this goal down on a bar napkin after a few margaritas and then decided to really do it.

The next day, when he began his trek, many close friends and loving family members wildly cheered him on his way.

After more than two decades of jogging through every country in the world, Archie finally made it back to his own driveway, expecting a huge welcome home party.

Instead, there was no one. Not one sign of human life existed where his home once was, and where his family once lived.

Mr. Blackburn indeed had achieved what he set out to do, to jog around the entire globe. But this goal-jotting globetrotter has no idea what happened to his wife and children and probable grandchildren.

Archie Blackburn, and now his only friend, a giant guardian bumblebee named Buzz, who’s been following and protecting Archie ever since he jogged through South America, finally made it back from a world-wide jogathon only to discover that he was now entering the Twilight Zone.

If you know anything about the where-a-bouts of Archie’s long-lost family, please twitter a tweet to (hashtag) #WheresMyFrickinFamily?