FMO Helps Gary Johnson Answer The Question: What Is A Leppo?

September 9th, 2016 | by Johnnny
What is a Leppo? No, I'm not kidding! What is a Leppo?

What is a Leppo? No, I’m not kidding! What is a Leppo?

Aleppo, Syria – In an effort to help presidential candidate Gary Johnson confidently answer the question: “What is a Leppo?“, the FM Observer has done some quick yet thorough research into this impotent matter.

Here are our Top Ten answers to the syrious question: “What is a Leppo?

10. A Leppo is a person who has been banished to living on a remote island because they have a horribly contagious skin disease.
9. A Leppo is a deadly little frog found only in the Amazon region that sometimes sneaks into boxes being sent to Amazon Prime customers.
8. A Leppo is a voting member of the group called the Lutheran Evangelical Pastors Presidential Outreach.
7. A Leppo is a colorful children’s building block used to make structures that are then blown up with fun, small, and harmless improvised explosive devices.
6. A Leppo is a false police report usually by Olympic athletes used to distract police from an embarrassing incident involving alcohol.
5. A Leppo is a slang term in some South American countries which refers to a Platonic sex act.
4. A Leppo is an Australian pouched marsupial animal that hides nuts and fruits from other members of its own family when holding a grudge.
3. A Leppo is a nasty gremlin that likes to sabotage third party presidential candidates.
2. A Leppo is commonly the first sign or manifestation that you have contracted a sexually transmitted disease.
1. A Leppo is an accidental cross between a leopard and a hippo which unfortunately is currently viewable at the Cleveland Zoo.

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