Friends of the site: Please read this very real, very serious announcement.

ab6d6293-bda9-4632-bdc7-478ea6059871Early in 2012, a close friend of mine, a brilliant man, a fan of comedy and laughter by the name of Cody Marthaller, came to me with an idea. He said “Nothing bonkers ever happens in Fargo. How bout we make our own satirical news on our own website?” Of course, I was all for it. Thus, the FM Observer was born. At first, we experimented with spinning actual current events into wild, nutty stories. Then we got overly-creative and began completely making things up. As the content evolved, the site itself underwent many cosmetic changes—all made possible by Cody. He built this thing for us from the ground up and is the man who made it all happen. Since then, there has been a plethora of hilarious, irreverent and at times legitimate content that we’ve all enjoyed—and i’m here to tell you that NONE of it would exist without Cody.

Now we’re asking for a little something in return. Later that same year, in the fall of 2012, Cody was diagnosed with a very rare but treatable form of small-cell lung cancer. He’s singlehandedly kept the site going while fighting this battle ever since then. Now he’s in need of our help. He’s reached his financial limits (having not been able to work for quite some time) and as a result, he’s set up a donation website to raise money for medical costs incurred during this very long, very arduous ongoing battle.

Friends of the site and friends of Cody himself, I implore you to consider a donation. The link is below. Your contribution will not go unnoticed and will bring him every step closer to winning the fight for his life.

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