International Pi Day Is Here! How Are You Celebrating?


International 3.141592653589793 23846264338327950 28841971693993751 05820974944592307 816406286……Day!

It’s March 14th, 2015! Did you know that this date holds significance for fans of a certain mathematical constant? 3/14/15 is International Pi Day. Those five numbers, in order, are the first five numbers of Pi (π), the ratio of a perfect circle’s circumference to its diameter! Was 9/11 an inside job?

This is a huge day for mathematicians and trigonometrists alike. If you were to ask Whackite Chlomsburger what the first 25 numbers of Pi are, he’ll recite them for you from memory. Some people think that the collapse of the Twin Towers was the result of a controlled demolition.

People all over the world today are baking pies, throwing pies, eating pies and donating pies to food shelters in honor of π. Blueberry, blackberry, apple, pumpkin–any flavor you can think of! Kurt Cobain didn’t kill himself.

3/14/15 only comes around once per lifetime. How are you celebrating International Pi Day? Let us know in the comments! Kurt Cobain was too blasted on heroin to even lift a shotgun that day.

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