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UPDATE: Driving Dog Monty Refused Bail After Arrest

Stop resisting!

Stop resisting!

Auckland, New Zealand — Human law enforcement is being tough on Monty, the famous car-driving schnauzer. Recently, Monty has been serving time in tha Dogg Pound after being detained for the charges of speeding and resisting arrest.

The long-legged lapdog was popped by a New Zealand patrolman for driving well over the speed limit, and upon confronting the officer, allegedly became belligerent. A detailed account of the day’s events was provided by the arresting officer:


“I asked the suspect numerous times how fast he thought he was going. He said nothing; just sitting there drooling. After he refused to answer any of my questions, I became agitated. I told him he needed to step out of the car. That’s when he started resisting. I opened the door to detain him and he began growling, snarling at me, like some kind of animal! I had no choice but to call for backup and forcefully arrest the uncooperative perp.”


The arrest preceded a court appearance in which Monty, barking angrily at the judge while his lawyer answered questions, was denied bail due to unnecessary courtroom outbursts bordering on contempt.

How unfortunate. What was once considered a unique story of a dog bridging the canine-human gap has now turned ugly. We sincerely hope they teach Monty how to ‘speak’ and ‘shake hands’ before things get really out of control and he ends up serving hard time.

Driving Dog Gets First Canine Speeding Ticket

Auckland, New Zealand – Monty, the now famous car-driving schnauzer, has netted his first official moving violation since picking up a doggy driver’s license. Monty was popped going 35 in a 25 KM/hour zone just yesterday. The officer involved stated that Monty appeared to be “joyriding” at the time:

“I asked the dog how fast he thought he was going. He just sat there with his tongue dangling, drooling at me, like he didn’t care he was guilty. I then asked him where he was from. He said ‘woof’, like i’m supposed to know where that is?! Let’s just say he didn’t do a great job of talking himself out of a speeding ticket.”

This marks the first time in history that a dog was cited for speeding. The Observer is happy to report that animals are evolving at an exciting rate of speed. Next up on the agenda: teaching my Great Dane how to operate a snowblower!