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Marilyn Hagerty Olive Garden

Marilyn Hagerty Mistakes Olive Garden For A Gentlemen’s Club.

Fargo, ND – Marilyn Hagerty has been living the life as of recently.  After her review of a local Grand Forks Olive Garden went viral, Marilyn has been traveling around the big city of New York.  From doing interviews and shooting with the crew of Anderson Cooper 360, Marilyn has been busy.  She was in for a little surprise earlier today as she stopped at the local Olive Garden to get a bite to eat.  I mean why not.  Olive Garden is what got her there.

Not paying attention, just being old, or needing new glasses, Marilyn didn’t enter the Olive Garden. Instead, she entered Oliver’s Garden–A local gentleman’s club.  She realized something was off when she turned around to put her coat down and was greeted with a nipple to the face.  When asked what made her realize she was in the wrong place she said, “Well the nipple to the face and the smell of dirty underwear and aids.  Definitely the smell of aids made me realize I may not be in my beloved Olive Garden.”

Marilyn will continue her tour of New York this week and we can only hope she stays out of trouble.  We will follow her journey and let you know if she has any more mishaps.