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UFC match delayed due to limb entanglement

Seattle, WA – An Ultimate Fighting Championship battle between Mike Swick and Matt Brown suffered a slight delay last night due to limb entanglement. Swick and Brown became engaged in a floor grapple in which both competitors attempted to lock in a submission move at the same time. Somehow, the limbs of both fighters got locked together in such a way that they became tied up in a knot. LOL!

Groans were heard from the crowd as referee Dan Miragliotta called a temporary stop to the fight. Trainers were brought in to assist, but were unable to budge the appendages of either contestant until dousing them in lubricant.

After squirting baby oil all over both men, the trainers were finally able to dislodge Brown’s foot from Swick’s armpit and Swick’s arm from Brown’s legpit after Brown’s leg was unwrapped from Swick’s neck and Swick’s arm was slid out from under Brown’s knee.

The fight resulted in a victory for Brown only after the two fighters were surgically separated.