It's Ok To Be Gay On Valentines Day

Westboro Church States, “It’s Ok To Be Gay On Valentine’s Day.”

It's Ok To Be Gay On Valentines DayTopeka, Kansas – In a weird turn of events, The Westboro Baptist Church announced today that it was Ok To Be Gay on Valentine’s Day.

Two men wrestling each other’s penises, the church states, is “OK on Valentine’s Day.”

This neat little jingle, Westboro Church hopes, will raise more homosexual awareness.

“We feel that it is Ok To Be Gay on Valentine’s Day and that all men who feel ridiculed or ashamed may all meet, here, at the Westboro Baptist Church.  You will feel safe and god will forgive your sins.  We will take real good care of you.”

We find it very odd that the Westboro Baptist Church would hold gay meetings.  The church has been very outspoken against gays even claiming that God Hates Fags.  They have picketed all over the United States preaching hate and negativity.

“We feel this will give the fags that god hates so much a chance to forgive their sins.  That is all.  There is nothing else going on.  I swear.  What?  Why are you looking at me like that?  I swear we just want to forgive the sins of fags because we care.  I’m serious.  Why do you have your hand on your forehead?  We hate gays.  I’m not gay!  Why are you laughing!?!” a church member stated.

Although we will never know, it seems there might be more than the eyes can see in regards to the Westboro Baptist Church.  Are we being trolled?  Are they for real?  Dare I ask if they themselves are gay?  These are the questions we need to answer.

Maybe the church is pulling one of the greatest trolling stunts in human history.

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