Zen Poets Group To Protest That ‘Blank Lines Matter’

February 12th, 2016 | by Johnnny
Blank Lines Matter!

Blank Lines Matter!

Zenda, Wisconsin – A group of minimalist Zen monks are forming an official protest group called: Blank Lines Matter!

As writers of Zen Koans and haikus, these humble Zen monks also believe that: Blank Lines Matter!

“As minimalists, we truly believe that a blank line is even more powerful than a non-blank line”, meditated Zen monk Basho (which means Banana Tree).

“When we look at a blank page of paper, full of blank lines, we are almost overwhelmed by its perfection and potential.”

If you too feel that Blank Lines Matter!, you are cordially invited to join the Zen monks at any of their Zen monasteries to drink the ceremonial green tea and crunch on candied crickets.

Feel free to express yourself by making protest signs that somewhere include: Blank Lines Matter!

Basho says don’t forget to include some blank lines on your protest poster.

Basho also wishes you a lifetime of peace and tranquility and reminds you to always remember that: Blank Lines Matter!

Basho’s Top Ten Zen Proverbs

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