9 Players To Watch In The World Cup

June 12th, 2014 | by Bill Burns

World Cup Brazil 2014

The 2014 World Cup in Brazil is near.  Here i’ll reveal some players that you must watch during the World Cup.


Christiano Rafeeke – That one guy who plays on that team with blue shirts.

Gerard Dominichi – That one player who kicks with his left foot.

Rooni Shikaka – Must watch!  This is that guy who ran into that other guy that one time.  Remember?

Felina Mozzarella – Another must watch.  This person headbutted that one guy once.  You know the team.

Leonardo Campbell – This is that guy who got the card taken out on him twice during that one game.  Very memorable.

Milner Jones – Everyone knows this guy.  He’s fast.

Mikey Tomahawk – Very popular.  He’s the only native american in soccer.  Everyone knows this guy.  No explanation needed.

David Lulz – He has all those commercials.  Very good player.

Dahizthan – He’s the only player with no last name and nobody knows where he’s actually from.  He got that one foul during that great match everyone watched.


There you have it.  9 of the most popular people to watch during World Cup.  I’m sure you know and have heard of all the people listed already.  Enjoy the games!

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