Former F-M Area City Planner Taking It In the Face Over Sexual Innuendo

The names of cities and towns in this area have fallen under heavy scrutiny.

Fargo, ND – As the population of our area continues to grow, more prominent figures have taken notice of the rampant perversion of its city planners. Names like Horace (Whore Ass), Harwood (Hard Wood), and Moorhead (More Head) have attracted negative attention from feminists across the nation.

Noted femininst Roberta PaulsonĀ had this to say, “The feminist community is completely outraged at the obviously perverted nature of this so-called ‘city planner’. We are calling for a change to these abhorrent titles. Whoreass, Hardwood and Morehead are completely unacceptable and derogatory towards women.” We reached Former City Planner Robert PaulsonĀ for comment. “I’ve used these names for other things all throughout my entire life. My kids, my pets. I don’t find them offensive at all.”

Yet another feminist opinion falling on deaf ears. What will happen from here? Not even the Observer knows.

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