Man Bitten By Dog Minding His Own Business

March 14th, 2012 | by Bill Burns

Not your average Lassie.

Fargo, ND –  A man on Tuesday morning was bitten by a dog minding his own business outside of Wheels Inc in Fargo.  Seeing the dog hanging it’s head out of the window minding it’s own business, the man decided it was a good idea to go and pet the dog.  The dog, thinking the vehicle it was in was his dog house, bit the man as he tried petting the dog.  Police and the bitten man are trying to locate the dog and it’s owner to see if he needs rabies shots.  When asked why the man didn’t write the plate number down or go inside to locate the man who owned the truck he replied, “Well that just makes too much damn sense.”

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Bill grew up in one of the largest cities in the United States, Maza, North Dakota. Being a cow milker by trade, it was only after stroking thousands upon thousands of cow nipples was he able to save up enough money and move to Fargo, ND. It was here that he joined FM Observer. In his free time he enjoys carving rocking horses out of wood, healing the sick, and running marathons across oceans.