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If You’re Shopping For A Vacuum, We Recommend Getting The New Super Sucker 9000

The newly beefed up Super Sucker 9000 can literally empty a room in four seconds.

Toad Suck, AR –¬†Your FM Observer normally does not endorse any particular products but our dear friend Dr. Vaka-Yuma has created the ultimate cleaning machine which is perfect for all types of applications.

The new Vaka-Yuma Super Sucker 9000 has more than enough sucking power to grab anything in sight, whether it be residential or commercial, plant or animal.

Xandi Landinski says: “My new Super Sucker 9000 has the sucking power of a thousand sucker fish, but without any of the smell.”

Faith Cromwell wrote: “This new vacuum from Dr. Vaka-Yuma sucks more than getting pulled over by a cop at 2am!”

If you’re in the market for thee most powerful vacuum ever made, look no further than Dr. Vaka-Yuma’s Super Sucker 9000!