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If You’re Shopping For A Vacuum, We Recommend Getting The New Super Sucker 9000

The newly beefed up Super Sucker 9000 can literally empty a room in four seconds.

Toad Suck, AR – Your FM Observer normally does not endorse any particular products but our dear friend Dr. Vaka-Yuma has created the ultimate cleaning machine which is perfect for all types of applications.

The new Vaka-Yuma Super Sucker 9000 has more than enough sucking power to grab anything in sight, whether it be residential or commercial, plant or animal.

Xandi Landinski says: “My new Super Sucker 9000 has the sucking power of a thousand sucker fish, but without any of the smell.”

Faith Cromwell wrote: “This new vacuum from Dr. Vaka-Yuma sucks more than getting pulled over by a cop at 2am!”

If you’re in the market for thee most powerful vacuum ever made, look no further than Dr. Vaka-Yuma’s Super Sucker 9000!

Fargo Boy First To Ride Rocket Bike Into Space

Expect to see many more Rocket Bikes flying out into deep space.

Fargo, ND – A young Fargo man who shall remain unnamed since he is only age 15, has not only started his own company called Space Exit, but has also designed, built, and successfully flown his own Rocket Bike into space.

Jermaine Vincent Cohen, who just turned 15 on Saturday, wanted to prove that his dream of flying a rocket bike into space was not only achievable, but also marketable.

His Fargo-based company called Space Exit will soon begin mass-producing his amazing Rocket Bike so other thrill-seekers can experience the extreme exhilaration of blasting off and riding a bike out into deep space.

Some industry analysts are saying that young Jermaine Cohen’s Rocket Bike is to travel as the iPhone was to communication.

Many Fargo Homes Choosing To Go “Off The Grid”

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How safe is our national power grid?

Fargo, ND – Have you been considering becoming independent from the local power grid and avoiding those monthly bills? Did a large branch just fall in your backyard and wipe out your power lines and you’re wondering what to do? Would you like to be able to survive a national power grid crisis while others sit in the dark?

Well, you’re not alone. Many of your neighbors are taking some easy steps to enjoy life “off the grid”:

Go with 2×6 wall studs, good insulation and 4×8 plywood panels. Slope all plumbing back towards a drain or cistern.

Get yourself a couple of 170 watt solar panels on top, the right batteries in protected storage underneath, a good charge controller, a 2kw inverter, lots of fluorescents and LEDs, a ceiling fan, 12V water pump from a cistern, propane hot water and stove, an in-wall fanless propane heater with a thermostat for those nights when you don’t want to stoke the airtight wood stove, and a 30 gallon propane tank. Be able to turn everything on with a couple of switches.

Your “off the grid” system will act just like a house on the grid, including toaster, microwave, coffee maker, vacuum cleaner and all (used judiciously to conserve power).