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Cops Leave Hostage Situation To Bust NDSU College Party.

Fargo, ND – At around 12 a.m. Saturday evening, police were called to a home on N Broadway Dr & 20th Ave N with reports of a hostage situation.  Police arrived on scene to find a man holding his girlfriend hostage inside the house.  He had a gun and a steak knife to her throat threatening to kill her and the police.  For a whole 5 minutes, police tried to talk to the man calmly and to let the women go.

10 minutes later and without success, a report came in about a NDSU college party a few blocks away.  Considering the college party was a much more serious threat, police left the hostage situation and surrounded the young partying men and women with guns drawn.

Those arrested face charges including unlawful assembly, disorderly conduct, and inciting a riot, cops said.  One partier was shot dead while trying to enter a taxi cab to leave.

No word on what happened to the man holding his girlfriend hostage but it is being reported that the women has been missing now for a few weeks.  Nobody knows what could have happened to her.  The boyfriend simply says, “I don’t know.”