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Death Metal Band Name Ideas

Death Metal Band Name Ideas #2

Death Metal Band Name Ideas

My first post of death metal band name ideas was so helpful, I’m providing my services yet again.  Below is post #2 of death metal band name ideas.  Again, please thank Bill Burns or the FM Observer if you use any of the ideas below for your band.  Any of these names are sure to get your band started off the right foot and kicking ass all over the planet.

Unicorn Dicks of Death
Ass Fisters of Furry
Fatal Rotting Diseased Grandmas
Chronic Vommit
Robot Abortion
Revolting Baby Dismemberment
Cadaver Fuckers
Fat Roll Slammers W/Piss Farts
Death Devourment
Ball Sack Explosion
Chemical Plague
Lethal Snot Bomb
Pit Spike
Ginger Goats of Masturbation
Poo Stew
Diseased Breast Implants
Cock Grinder
Elephant Rapers
Cyclops Hookers
Bucket of Evil Tits
Stool Soup
Toilet of Acid
Coffin Robber Pimps

and last but not least…..

The Fart Fuckers On Acid Mountain of Morbid Carcass Masturbation Chevy Truck Bed Skunk Piss Barbie