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At Zeitgeist Funeral Home, We Put The “Fun” In Funerals!

We put the Fun in Funeral!

West Fargo, ND Gone are the days when funerals were melancholy, mournful, and morose.

Zeitgeist Funeral Home believes funerals should be a fun celebration.

Dr. Agustine Elefritz created Zeitgeist Funeral Home to put some serious fun into serious funerals.

“At Zeitgeist, we don’t see why funerals can’t have some colorful balloons and streamers, along with happy upbeat music and fun games that make people feel good,” says Dr. Elefritz.

Zeitgeist Funeral Home offers many different Fun Packages from which to choose.

Dr. Elefritz tells people that “if you want a funeral that is dark and somber, go somewhere else. But if you want a kick-ass fun funeral that everyone will remember for weeks, then just give us folks at Zeitgeist Funeral Home a quick buzz from your cell.”

Somewhat expectedly, all of the letters in “Agustine Elefritz” can be funly re-arranged to spell: Zeitgeist Funeral!

First Machine To Catch Corona Virus From A Human Is Now “Acting Funny”

This is the first machine to allegedly get the Corona Virus from a human being.

Corona, California – The first documented case of the Corona Virus being passed from a human to a machine has now been confirmed.

The machine, whose identity is being kept confidential for now, keeps on saying the same message over and over:

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Luckily, the machine in question has been quarantined but authorities are trying to see if it possibly shared data with any other machines within the past two weeks.

Signs that a machine might have the Corona Virus include: 1. repeating weird messages, and 2. just plain “acting funny” in a general sort of way.

If you suspect that any of your machines fall into this category, immediately place them in a large container such as a garbage can with the top lid securely fastened.

Critics Saying Joker Movie One Of The Best Family-Friendly Comedies Since Caddyshack

Joaquin Phoenix may have a future as a stand-up comedian after this movie!

Gotham City, NJ – Critical feedback of the new Joker movie is giving it many thumbs up.

Here are what some of our favorite movie critic friends are saying about Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker movie:

Luther Frack: This new Joker movie is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen mainly because the audience is treated to lots of great jokes.

Clarke Furth: Not only is Joker totally family friendly like Halloween but I believe it should be shown in school to kids of all ages from kindergarten on up.

Ruth Fackler: Joker is by far the best movie since The Sound Of Music. It is guaranteed to make you smile and put on a happy face.

Lerch Furtak: Major thumbs way up for Joker. Not only does is remind us that life is a comedy but it also brings awareness to mental illness just like the movie Caddyshack did.

Erhart Fluck: I would rank this Joker movie as a must see movie for all ages. I just might begin my own joke diary after enjoying this total jokefest of a movie.

Relf Kutchar: My entire family loved this charming movie which is also being applauded by many church groups who are finding it a total inspiration to live a better life.

Critically, all of the letters in each of the above critic’s names can be re-arranged to spell: Arthur Fleck!

The FM Observer Is Shutting Down. For Good.


Bye. Sayonara. Bon voyage. Arrivederci. Honolulu. Outie. Chow.

Fargo, ND—With a little over four years of incredibly touching amateur satire under its belt, Fargo-Moorhead’s only fake news agency is calling it quits. The FM Observer is shutting down permanently, as of this evening.

What once was a vessel for completely made-up, imaginative, sometimes thought-provoking, Absurdly Observative™ fake news articles is becoming a thing of the past. In a statement released this morning, FMO Staff bid the internet a fond farewell:

“Over the years we’ve gleefully provided the worldwide web with our own personal dose of imaginative fairy-tale news coverage. The fact that we’re fresh out of ideas coupled with an expired internet domain registry was a sign from Above that now would be the best time to pull the plug. What a ride it’s been! We couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out. Well……actually, that’s not true.  We could’ve written better articles.”

Observer staff members will soon be released back into the wild, free again to roam the forests, screaming at squirrels and conjuring Dark Spirits.

The FM Observer would like to thank our sponsors, of which there are none.

Thanks for reading! This website will self-destruct at 23:59 CST. [end]