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Boeing 787 Is (Almost) A Dream Machine

Bad Dream Liner

Bad Dream Liner

Except for a few minor glitches, the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner could be the most ultra-modern and problem-free passenger airplane ever assembled by union hands.

The limited list of petty problems that have popped up so far includes:

  1. electrical problems due to faulty wiring
  2. oil leaks from the engines
  3. parts breaking off in the engines
  4. faulty fuel lines causing in-flight fuel leaks
  5. exploding batteries
  6. brake problems
  7. cracking cockpit windows
  8. occasional appearance of “smoke” in the cockpit

Other than those trifles, the new Dreamliner is pretty much a problem-free dream machine.

Unfortunately, some naysayers are contending that “bad dream” is a bit closer to the actual truth.

But Boeing is quite confident that any and all of these so-called “snags” will quickly be put to rest so that passengers can rest easy on this new dream plane which has aptly been called the Dreamliner.