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Fargo North Dakota Seeking To Copyright The Word ‘Fargo’

Fargo ND may soon have the name ‘Fargo’ copyrighted.

Fargo, ND – Fargo city planners in smoky back rooms are secretly planning to copyright the name ‘Fargo’.

The calculated but risky move which is being co-orchestrated by Dan Grof and Rod Fang could possibly mean millions in extra revenue for the City of Fargo if things go as planned.

Both Grof and Fang have their masters degrees in Urban Development and City Planning from MIT (Moorhead Intellectual Training).

Fargo, North Dakota currently shares the name ‘Fargo’ with three other states: Georgia, Michigan, and Oklahoma.

“If we can somehow copyright the name ‘Fargo’, the other three Fargos will be forced to pay us a lot of money if they want to continue using our name,” postulate Rod and Dan as they both puff on their cigars while leaning way back in their chairs.

Ironically, both Dan Grof and Rod Fang’s full names can be re-arranged to spell ‘Fargo, ND’.