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Police Dog Licks Man To Death

My Friend Slicka

Lickota, ND – A man was reportedly licked to death while attending a police Meet and Greet social event.

The man, whose name is not being released until his family is notified, was identified as Mucciolo Knight from Lickinson, North Dakota.

The dog, a German shepherd that was raised in the Norwegian town of Lickehammer, was named Slicka, which also happens to be the Norwegian command “to lick”.

An eye witness at the event said Mr. Knight, who was greeted by Slicka near the punch bowl, kept on saying the dog’s name repeatedly while the highly trained police dog was simply responding to its “lick” command.

Ironically, all of the letters in Mucciolo Knight can be re-arranged to spell: Too Much Licking!

Fargo City Leaders Vote Yes To Seek Out Guatemalan Sister City

With its diverse culture, rich heritage, and colonial charm, Guatemala seems to be a perfect place for Fargo to find its next Sister City.

Fargo, ND – In a historic vote which passed almost unanimously, Fargo city commissioners collectively concurred on beginning the long and arduous process of finding a community in the exotic country of Guatemala that might want to buddy up with Fargo and become our second Sister City.

Fargo currently has only one other Sister City and that would be Hamar, Norway which happened way back in 1974 when Nixon was president.

Since it’s been almost 44 years since Fargo added a Sister City, “it is high time we added another!”

Why Guatemala you may wonder? Because that’s where the dart landed when it was blindly thrown at the map of the world during the last leadership meeting.

Some Guatemalan communities that Fargo is now considering approaching to ask if they want to be a Sister City with Fargo are: 1. Quetzaltenango, 2. Chimaltenango, 3. Huehuetenango, 4. Chichicastenango, 5. Mazatenango, 6. Jacaltenango, 7. Momostenango, and 8. Sumpango, because they all end with the same two letters as ‘Fargo’.

The city commission minutes revealed that each of the mayors of these eight great Guatemalan cities will be flown to up Fargo to be wined and dined and then intensively interviewed by various members of the Fargo Elite.

The final decision will be announced during the next Fargo Summer Games this coming summer.

Please indicate your preference for Fargo’s next Sister City by emailing in your choice’s respective number along with any reasoning for your favorite Guatemalan city.

Some Useful Phrases When Travelling To Norway

When in Norway, have fun speaking some Norwegian!

Oslo, Norway – It seems like everyone is travelling to Norway these days.

Perhaps this is the reason why the FM Observer has been repeatedly asked to provide a quick tutorial on speaking Norwegian, which is the language of the people that live there!

Since we never disappoint, here are fifteen (15) key phrases we strongly suggest that you memorize prior to landing in Oslo (it really helps to make flashcards before boarding your flight):

Where is the beer? = der er øl?
My mother will fight your father = min mor vil kjempe din far
What time is it on the moon? = hva er klokka på månen?
I would like to apply for an easy job = Jeg ønsker å søke om en enkel jobb
What colors can I wear here? = hvilke farger kan jeg bruke her?
I like when you rub my back = Jeg liker når du gni ryggen min
Could you bring me to your leader? = kan du gi meg din leder?
Back home, people treat me like a king = hjem, folk behandler meg som en konge
Could you please not stand so close to me? = Kan du ikke stå så nær meg?
I have a good recipe for making biscuits = Jeg har en god oppskrift for å lage kjeks
Why is your family so short? = hvorfor er din familie så kort?
My daughter wants to meet your son = min datter ønsker å møte din sønn
Can you buy me a car for my birthday? = kan du kjøpe meg en bil til bursdagen min?
I need to find some mayonnaise very quickly = Jeg trenger å finne noen majones svært raskt
Do you have a telescope in your bedroom? = har du et teleskop på soverommet?