At my W.I.T.S. end

A reactive reflection of what winter does to the mind, and its timely ending.

I am finally at the end of my WITS. WITS, meaning, of course, Winter Introspective Terror Syndrome. It’s a common affliction–something we all suffer from in one way, shape or form and in varying levels of intensity. I simply gave it a clever acronym (you’re welcome!). WITS is the pit of depression these long ND winter months inflict upon us. It is the act of internal struggle that bitter cold, lack of sunshine and ZERO motivation provides. Maybe you fall into such a mundane routine of school–>do not pass go–> head directly to home OR work–>do not pass go–>head directly to home that you start skipping day-to-day activities like exercise. Or happy hour. Or even housework. It’s because the icy grip of Old Man Winter is too much to shake and his WITS has seated itself heavily upon your shoulders. Well, friends, we are at our WITS end here. Finally, as the Ides of March approaches (not to mention March Madness(!!)) we start feeling warmer temps, a little more sunshine, longer days and spring is right around the corner. Ladies, UNLEASH THE SUNDRESS! There. Better.

I can safely say that now I’m at my WITS end.

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