North Dakota declines offer to secede from America & join Canada

North Dakota, USA – In what many in the geography community have called a desperate attempt at coolness, Canada, our gracious neighbors to the north, made a pitiful request to the USA to secede North Dakota & add it to the southern region of Manitoba. Canada, being as envious and so totally jealous of our perfectly run country as they are, figured they could alter their reputation by adding a piece of American culture to their vast, snowy landscape:

“We really like America, eh? America is soo coool, eh? Maybe America wouldn’t care if North Dakoota left the country, eh? Come be a part of Canada, eh? We’ll even move the border for you. Okeh?”

Upon finding out about Canada’s bold proposal, the United States government showed no concern over the threat of losing one of its Dakotas. When questioned about the possibility of ND seceding from the union, President Obama had this to say:

“Whatever. We’ll just suck out all the oil, let ’em move and replace ’em with Puerto Rico. No big deal.”

After a few minutes of careful deliberation, the 39th state of our great union made the final decision to stay a part of the US:

“This was a very tempting offer, but we ultimately decided we’re already as close to being Canadian as we’re willing to get.”

The Observer has breathed a collective sigh of relief at this great news. We think we speak for everyone when we say ZERO FLANNEL IS ENOUGH FLANNEL.

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