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Christopher Wiener Fargo

Man Busted In Sex Toy Case Forgot Some Supplies

Christopher Wiener FargoFargo, ND – A Fargo man recently busted for stealing a fake vagina, has been busted again.

Christopher Wiener, 26, is back in the news this time trying to steal a camera from Scheels on 45th ST Fargo.

Last week, Christopher Weiner was caught stealing a fake vagina.  After he was let go, Mr. Weiner had time to go home and think.  It was during this thinking session, Mr Weiner realized he was missing an important electronic accessory to compliment his fake vagina.  That is, a camera that takes video.

Weiner then made his way to Scheels-All-Sports on 45th ST.  However, Weiner isn’t good at shoplifting and was subsequently caught again.  This time, trying to steal a camera with video.

Everything is coming together.  We all now know what fate that fake vagina had that night.  Mr. Wiener was planing on having quite the party apparently with that fake vagina and camera and we feel sorry for any future fake vaginas and cameras that are in  Mr. Wieners possession in the future.