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New Trans-Sexual Hair Salon Opens In Moorhead


Flaire Dane is proud to be a trans-sexual.

Moorhead, MN – A brand new hair salon will soon be opening in Moorhead.

 And it’s name shall be Flaire.

It shall exclusively cater to transsexuals.

And it’s name shall be Flaire.

Owner, Flaire Dane, hopes to attract transsexuals from Madison to Miles City.

“I see Flaire as a wonderful place to connect with other beautiful transsexuals from around the region.” s/he says.

“And at the same time, have your hair transformed into a look that we shall create expecially for you, as a proud transsexual.”

Why Moorhead?

Flaire Dane says that Moorhead is perfect for Flaire because Moorhead is hip and quirky, just like your average transsexual.

What are other transsexuals saying about the arrival of Flaire?

Blanche Queensland said: “Because of Flaire, me and all my special transsexual friends will be heading to Moorhead just to hang out.”

S/he goes on: “Me see Moorhead as the Leith, ND for transsexuals.”

“Me see transsexuals from all over the country transporting themselves to Moorhead, and transforming this odd little community into the TransSexual Capitol of America.”

And it’s name shall be Flaire.