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suspended for wearing camo to school

West Fargo School Suspends Kid For Wearing Camouflage Shirt

suspended for wearing camo to schoolWest Fargo, ND – Eight year old William Yelverton just wanted to go to school to learn a whole bunch of knowledge earlier Wednesday morning, however, that was not the case.  William was suspended and sent home.

William went to school like any other normal kid Wednesday morning.  Smiling and full of sugar. However, William decided to wear a camouflage shirt to school that day and the administration didn’t take too kindly to it.

William was learning his states and flags when the intercom came on calling him into the principals office.  He slowly walked down the halls and into the office wondering what the heck he did.

Turns out, Williams camouflage shirt got him into trouble.

“They saw my camouflage shirt and were instantly intimidated by me they told me.”

William thought he was being fashionable and wanted to impress the girl he had a crush on.

“They also said that it could be dangerous during recess as the other kids could possibly not see me due to me blending in with my surroundings.”

“We try and promote non-creativity here.  As the years go on we implement more rules and regulations to limit what the kids can do.  We’ve banned tag, basketball, football, well almost all sports actually.  No more coloring either.  We really try hard to teach these kids…..something…..ya know,” the principal stated.

William says he might come back next week as a Ninja.  He stated that a Ninja can blend in with his surroundings better than a camouflage shirt, thus not getting him suspended again.