Bill Burns Wins RRVF Minnow Racing Championship

2012-07-13 19.31.03

Bill Blows

West Fargo, ND – The FM Observer’s own Bill Burns took home the Red River Valley Fair Minnow Racing Tournament championship trophy Friday with what many in the minnow racing community are calling a truly legendary performance. Bill threw his hat in the ring knowing full well what was at stake: a shot at claiming the title of “best damn minnow racer the fair has ever seen”. Well, folks, he delivered.

Bill dropped his minnow in the stream, plunged his straw in and blew his brains out until each minnow made its way to the finish ahead of his opponent’s. Quarterfinal, semifinal, and championship opponents were all completely blown away by Bill’s red-faced efforts. As witness to this magnificent test of internal fortitude, I can honestly say that Bill put forth a hall-of-fame-worthy effort. One for the ages.

The FM Observer will be sponsoring Bill on his national Minnow Racing tour as he travels the countryside capturing trophies from fairs across the United States in pursuit of the National Championship. Congratulations Bill, and best of luck on tour!

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