Gym Guy Provides Unsolicited Advice On Topic Unrelated to Weightlifting

gym-guyFargo, ND—A patron at the local YMCA is a confused mess after being approached by a gym regular. Mike Worley was just sitting there rocking some lat pulldowns when one of the meatheads sauntered towards him.

“Oh boy, here he comes to tell me my form is all screwed up”, Mike recalled. “I had two reps left and this guy started talking to me.”

Mike dropped his lat pulldown bar and let out an exasperated sigh as soon as gym guy walked up. “I was about to start telling him ‘yeah, I know, i’ll work on it’ but that didn’t exactly fit in with what gym guy was telling me.” As it turns out, Mike was getting unsolicited advice about life:

“Take your grandma for a walk. Play some cards with her. Have coffee. Spend some time with her for christ’s sake, brah.”

Gym guy was handing out useful, pertinent advice. Advice that left Mike completely baffled. “He must’ve lost someone near and dear to him, because he approached me mid-set and started telling me to call my Grandma.”

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