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May Is Take-Your-Pet-Water-Skiing Month

Good times begin NOW!

Detroit Lakes, MN – With global warming moving into Minnesota lakes country, dogs and cats all across the region are excitedly anticipating hitting the water for some seriously fun water sports.

Your FM Observer is unofficially declaring that May is officially National Take-Your-Pet-Water-Skiing Month.

What puppy or kitten would not want to be dragged around a lake behind a boat to show the rest of the world that they have arrived?

Never mind the fact that the frigid water is only about 40 degrees because pets are warm-blooded meaning they were essentially designed for this type of activity.

Please send us photos of your proud pets showing off their lake-patrolling party prowess for a chance to win free a free meal at the brand new All-It-Can-Eat Pet Buffet House.

Fargo’s New Hospital To Treat Dogs And Cats

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SanFurd Pawspital to treat pets.

Fargo, ND – The new Sanford Mega-Hospital being built along I-94 has just announced that one entire wing will be devoted to providing healthcare for pets.

“Because of the recent pet population explosion, especially in the West Fargo area, we’ve decided that one of the four hospital wings will be exclusively for dogs and cats”, says Sanford spokesperson Pat Wingnut.

The new “Sanfurd Pawspital” (which the Pet Wing will affectionately be called) will honor both Peticare and Peticaid, as is mandated by Obamacare.

Sanford’s new Pet Hospital will have an indoor Petting Zoo, a No Barking Zone, along with a state-of-the-art I. C. U. and U. C. Me.

For any local cat emergencies, simply call Sanfurd Pawspital’s FeLine which is 8888-FELINE. For doggy problems, call the Canine Hot-Line which is 8888-ARF-ARF.

For Level One pet emergencies, the Flight-of-Life helicopter will pick up and lovingly bring your sick and wounded pets back to the HeliPad for immediate affordable care, as is mandated by Obamacare.

New Insane Asylum For Pets Gives Families Hope

New Insane Asylum For Crazy Pets

New Insane Asylum For Crazy Pets

Sabin, Minnesota – A new animal-friendly care institution recently opened South of Moorhead.

The Sabin Observatory For Insane Animals (SOFIA) was designed to meet the special needs of pets that have gone completely crazy.

Dr. Claus Filtrum is SOFIA’s Executive Director: “We professionally design an individualized Care Plan for each insane animal.”

The bad news: The Sabin Observatory For Insane Animals currently has a long waiting list of complete lunatics waiting to get into the facility.

The good news: Expansion plans are already on the table and “in the works”.

The other good news: Treatment at SOFIA is completely “free” under ObamaCare.