Johnnny’s Third Retrospective (Posts 200-300)

October 19th, 2015 | by Johnnny
My second one hundred posts.

My 3rd 100 posts. Now I can build an even longer fence.

Since 300 is such a nice round number (and it is Roman Numeral CCC, which stands for Chocolate Chip Cookies), it was decided to use the occasion of my 300th post to take a trip back down memory lane.

In bowling, 300 is the ultimate, perfect score. In paintball, 300 feet/second is the maximum legal velocity of a paintball.

So, it’s time once again to look back on Johnnny’s last 100 posts on FM Observer.

All posts are listed as clickable hyperlinks in chronological order. Enjoy!

200. Johnnny’s Second 100 Posts
201. Brian Williams’ Entire Identity Now Being Questioned
202. National Bonfire Month To Help Combat Global Cooling
203. Drunk Zamboni Driver Ices Ex-Wife’s Property
204. NASA Rocket Launch Bringing Two Of Every Species To The Moon
205. Things To Know About Valentine’s Day
206. Chinese New Year: Year Of The Sheep
207. Swimmable Lake Discovered On Mars
208. Father Of Modern Photography Coming To Fargo
209. Top Ten Zen Proverbs
210. FM Observer To Begin Series Of Area Restaurant Reviews
211. March Is National Eat More Vegetables Month
212. Donate Your Junker To Cars For The Blind
213. Red River Zoo Adding A Rat Farm
214. No One Leaves Alive From This Fargo Haunted House
215. FM Observer Reported Describes Seeing A Ghost
216. The Times They Are A-Changin’
217. FM Observer Restaurant Review: Grand Porks
218. Oceans Rising Faster Than Predicted; Millions Moving To North Dakota
219. Renters Complaining About Clogged Plumbing Get Told By Landlord To Go Screw Themselves
220. Minnesota Tells Residents To Stick It To Fargo
221. Downtown Fargo Parking Sucks; No Plans To Fix
222. Large Sinkhole Creates New Minnesota Lake; Lots Selling Quickly
223. Dolphin Correctly Picks Every Game In Second Round Of March Madness
224. FM Observer Donates Million Dollar Painting To Help Save Fargo’s Horse Park
225. The New West Fargo Recycling Bins Are The Size Of A Hot Tub
226. Fargo Starts New Program To Help Juveniles Avoid Jail
227. Miraculous Elderhaus Magically Cures Whatever Ails You
228. Burning Ban Does Not Include Throwing Lit Cigarettes Out Car Windows
229. Vegas Casinos Ridding Roulette Wheel Of Number 23
230. Drought-Sticken California Looking To Dip Into Swimming Pools
231. Montana Pipe Dream A Religious Experience
232. How To Tell If A Bird Has The Bird Flu
233. Large Comet To Hit Downtown Fargo Next Year
234. Moorhead Starting A Community Bongo Band
235. New Business Called Janitors On Steroids Coming To Fargo-Moorhead Area
236. Wedding Tax Obama Administration’s Next Executive Action
237. New Family Restaurant Offers All-You-Can-Eat Pancakes
238. National Weatherman Walk-Out Threatens Nation
239. Baltimore Mayor A Paragon Of Political Pragmatism
240. Minnesota Pond Scum Being Sold As Organic Herbal Muck
241. Yellowstone Park To Soon Blow Its Top
242. Center For Disease Control Bans The Handshake
243. Shania Twain Moving To Fargo
244. New Fargo Children’s Daycare Called Spookhouse
245. Fargo’s Uber Program Offers Free One-Way Jet Rides To Anywhere
246. Some Rejected UND Nicknames Maybe Worth Another Look
247. BitchFest 3000 Coming To Fargo
248. Dr. Finance: What To Do With Too Much Money?
249. Donald Trump Building Skyscraper In Moorhead Just For The Hell Of It
250. Fargo Man Accused Of Illegally Cloning Dachshunds For Profit
251. Leonard Nimoy To Be Rejuvenated With Project Genesis
252. New Insane Asylum For Pets Gives Families Hope
253. Super Fans Will Blow Storm Clouds Away
254. Fargo’s Redhawks Just Hoping To Win A Game
255. FM Observer Soon Going 3-Dimensional
256. New Cheeseburger-Shaped Space Restaurant Ready To Serve
257. Local Large-Group Marriage Expected To Go To The Supreme Court
258. Fargo Airport To Allow Runway Drag Racing In Between Flights
259. Condemned Grand Forks Castle Renting Out As Party House
260. Mosquito Spraying Turns Tadpole Into Giant Mega-Toad
261. Father’s Day Surprise: Wife Gives Birth During Rollercoaster Ride
262. FM Observer Announces Winner Of 1st Dubious Yard-Of-The-Month Award
263. NDSU To Offer Rock Balancing As Major Field Of Study
264. New FM/Lakes Shuttle Service To Alleviate Weekend Traffic
265. Binge Drinking OKed In Fargodome Suites During Football Games
266. Source Of Haze Over Fargo Discovered
267. Woman Living In Hammock Above Fargo Park
268. BigFoot Spotted Roaming WE Fest Area
269. Local Idiot Support Group Has Standing-Room-Only During 1st Meeting
270. Fargo Police Give Blue Angels Speeding Ticket
271. New UND Nickname and Logo Soon Announced: The Sundogs!
272. It’s Official: Jar Jar Binks Is Moving To Fargo
273. In Case You’re Not Sure, Take The FMO Sanity Test
274. Wild Zebra Continues To Run Rings Around Fargo
275. ND License Plates Being Widened To 14 Characters
276. Visit Fargo’s Famous Upside-Down House
277. Many Fargo Dogs And Dog Owners Using Magic Mushroom Therapy To Create A Closer Bondage
278. Donald Trump Planning Fly Overs To Drop $100 Bills In Many Key Voting States
279. Fighting Sioux Fans Plan Freedom-Of-Speech Class-Action Lawsuit Against NCAA
280. Many Considering Getting A Shingle Shot Opting For A Double Shot Instead
281. Local Art Show To Help Hillary’s Legal Defense Fund
282. Haunted Scientology Farm Scaring The Living Crap Out Of Visitors
283. Answer To Fargo’s Beaver Problem: Catapult Them Into Minnesota
284. President Changes Names Of Rocky Mountains, Alabama, and Hawaii
285. Lutheran Social Services Promises To Increase The Number Of Refugees Coming Into Fargo
286. Canada Building Wall To Keep Out Mericans And Mexicans
287. If Elected, President Trump Vows To Go Bald
288. New Designated Driver Party Bus Offers Free Rides To Bars In The Fargo Area
289. Vast Amounts Of Chocolate Discovered On Mars
290. Psychic Convention To Be Held In Fargo, North Dakota
291. Caitlyn Jenner On New $10 Hero Bill
292. Ladybug Named Insect Of The Year By Entomologists
293. After Meeting With Bishops, Rooks, And Pawns, Pope Goes Golfing With Obama
294. Former Vikings Mascot Now With Green Bay Packers
295. Donald Trump To House Speaker Boehner: You’re Fired!
296. Fargo’s New Hospital To Treat Dogs And Cats
297. New ‘Cat Fight’ Movie Will Scare The Shit Out Of Cat Lovers
298. Bose Named Next Speaker Of The House
299. New ND Governor’s Mansion To Be Way Nicer Than South Dakota’s

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