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Local Hospitals Reporting Increasing Numbers Of Gogopox Cases

What should you do if you think you’ve gotten the Gogopox? 1. Don’t panic. 2. Don’t panic! 3. Don’t panic!!

Moorhead, MN The first of many new 21st century diseases is making its presence known in the Midwest.

Many over-crowded area hospitals are now reporting a sudden spike in the number of serious cases of Gogopox.

This rare pox-type disease is believed to have mutated from the British eating horse meat at certain unnamed fast food McRestaurants in their country.

The Gogopox then quickly spread via the Internet to any locales using an unprotected wifi router whose installer had not changed the default password that was shipped from the manufacturer.

What are the symptoms of Gogopox? This viral infection which is highly contagious has a wide variety of symptoms, so wide that literally ever symptom in the book could be a sign of Gogopox.

Is there a cure to the Gogopox virus? Well, of course, there’s a cure to everything if you have enough money. But for the hoi polloi, the answer is NO.

What to do if you contract Gogopox? Call the toll-free hotline at 1-800-GOGOPOX and ask to speak with someone who speaks your language.

An Online Christmas Card You Can Send To A Friend

Merry Christmas to whomever you are!

As we gather round the Christmas tree,
Which was chopped and flocked for you and me,
We nibble on some scones and sip Chablis,
While outside it’s a dangerous one degree.

All the nicely wrapped presents that we see,
Are a result of that black friday shopping spree.
Why get one when you can afford to buy three,
Of those red candles scented with potpourri?

Christmas is a fun time of family glee,
Enhanced on Facebook with hyperbole.
Rather than giving each person a new CD,
Tis way more awesome to get a real pony!

One might suggest getting some activity,
Perhaps head out and go cross country ski.
But most would likely have to agree,
They’d rather watch football on NBC.

North Fargo’s Ponyland To Become Largest Refugee Resettlement Camp In America

North Fargo's Ponyland to be the site of a 5,000 tent Syrian refugee resettlement camp.

North Fargo’s Ponyland to be the site of a 5,000-tent Syrian refugee resettlement camp.

North Fargo, ND – City Commissioners unanimously approved moving ahead with the rezoning of Ponyland into a Syrian refugee resettlement camp.

Workers have already begun transforming the old Ponyland into what will soon be home to 50,000 Syrian refugees living in 5,000 tents.

The new Ponyland tent city will also have 50 latrines, five mini-mosques, a special tent for free Obamacare, plus an outdoor petting zoo and an indoor ping pong activity center.

“There is not a lot of wiggle room when President Obama signs an executive order that basically demands we make this happen”, says Ponyland president Yemane Fikru.

“However, I’m thinking this will be a win/win type of scenario because North Fargo needs a boost, a shot-in-the-arm if you will, so let this be North Fargo’s big booster shot, to begin its revival, back to a thriving community just like South Fargo, West Fargo, and East Fargo.”