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Vanna White And Pat Sajak Getting Divorced After Thirty Five Years

Nothing lasts forever.

Hollywood, CA – The stars of America’s favorite game show are finally getting divorced.

Pat Sajak and Vanna White have decided to call it quits after thirty five good years of marriage.

The final phrase on the Wheel Of Fortune prior to them announcing their divorce was “irreconcilable differences”.

In their split-up, attorneys say Vanna will get the the cruises and most of the consonants, while Pat will get the cars, all the vowels and the letter “X”.

Vanna White will get to keep all 6,500 of the dresses she’s worn on the show, and hopefully neither will land on “Bankrupt” anytime soon. 

Many Wondering How Curling Can Be Considered An Olympic Sport?

Since curling is basically shuffleboard on ice, it is more of a game than a sport.

Game Lodge, SD Many are seriously questioning how Curling became an Olympic “sport” and why it still remains one?

Compared to anything done on skis or skates, it seems that Curling is more in the category of playing Shuffleboard, Bocce Ball, and Cornholio (aka Bean Bags).

Jack Flushing, president of Poker America, believes that if Curling is considered an Olympic “sport”, then so too should Poker also be an Olympic sport.

How do you feel about Curling as as Olympic “sport”?

Do you think it is on the same level as Cross Country Skiing and Downhill Racing?

Does it make sense to you that some Olympic “athletes” can win medals for madly sweeping ice with a broom?

Would you be willing to carry a sign in an anti-Curling protest march?

New Family Fun Game For The Holidaze: Add-On Swear Word!

caption here

The 1st person says a swear word. The 2nd person says the 1st swear word and adds a 2nd swear word. The 3rd person has to say all the previous swear words and then add another one, and so on and so forth. It’s fun, for the whole fucking family!

Fargo, ND – The FM Observer is rolling out a new family-fun game just in time for the fucking holidays. It’s called Add-On Swear Word!

One brave family member simply starts it off by saying a swear word out loud.

Taking turns going clockwise, each next person has to say all the previous swear words in order from first to last, and then add another swear word to the end of the fucking list.

As the list gets longer and longer, this game is sure to bring your family closer together during the blessed holiday season.

Add-On Swear Word has also been shown to increase the vocabulary of the younger generations while being a good memory exercise for those with mild or severe dementia.

Bean Bag Toss Game Goes Back To Caveman Days

Early cornholers practicing their craft.

Early cornholers practicing their craft.

Moorhead, MN – A new recent archaeological finding shows that cavemen played the Bean Bag Toss game.

This ever-popular game is also called CornHole since bags of corn were used by cavemen during times of abundant harvest to glorify their gods.

Early Game expert Minga Tortendorf says this latest discovery just outside of Moorhead, Minnesota is very important.

“It shows that early cavemen and cavewomen played the Bean Bag Toss game just as we do today” she explains.

“This is the first real evidence that we have of early humans actually playing any type of games.”

The next time you and your family, friends, or co-workers are playing CornHole (or as some simply call it: CornHolio), just imagine the earliest settlers played the exact same game way back around 42,000 B.C.

Minga’s closing thoughts: “By playing CornHolio, it sadly shows that in some ways we have not progressed much at all from Cro-Magnon days. If you really want to show how much we’ve advanced since the dawn of life, perhaps consider having a Bocce Ball tournament, or at least go fly a kite like Thomas Edison for heaven’s sake!”