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Expert Now Believes Universe Began And Will Also End With A Big Bang

If you like big fireworks, you will love being around for the final Big Bang! –Dr. Gabbin Fingal

Bangor, Maine – Dr. Gabbin Fingal now has good reason to believe that the universe will end just like it began.

Dr. Fingal’s highly scientific model of the universe has repeatedly shown that the original Big Bang of creation can and will very likely be eventually followed by a final Big Bang of total disintegration.

Dr. Gabbin Fingal in his own words:

“This is what i believe, and what I believe is this, Sir Isaac Newton’s third law which states that ‘every action has an equal and opposite reaction’ assuredly also applies to the universe’s creational Big Bang.”

“When will this happen? It depends on how you set your Universal Clock.

Scientifically, all the letters in Gabbin Fingal can be exploded into: Final Big Bang!

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Don’t Rent The Wrong Flick. Our List of MUST SEE Movies.

West Fargo, ND – We want to make sure you don’t walk into the video store and rent the wrong movie so we have compiled a list of the MUST SEE movies.  All with correct title names so you don’t get confused.  Make some popcorn, get your favorite blanket, and light a fire. Watch any of the highly acclaimed videos below and enjoy a relaxing night in.

Beat Me With Your Penis
Home With Aids.  Orgy of Death.
Grandmas Glory Hole
Poo Orgys Anonymous
Bang-a-lang-a-ding dong
Piss On My Tits Then Punch Me In The Face
The Magic Bone
The Cock Ticklers of Breast Mountain
Mouth Farts For You
Itty Bitty Boner Titty
Rape Fantasy Island
Hong Kong Shlongs
Penis Killers
Gaydar Cops of L.A.
Hellbeasts of Whore Island
The Essence of Sex part 4 of 5: ANALLINGUS
Father Abuse
Sleep Fuckers
Rape Me When I’m Dead
Celebration on The Summit of Fuck Mountain
For The Love of Cum
666 Sinister Sexers
She’s Wearing His Genes
Fuck Me Till I Retarded
Brain Me With Your DickBoner
Pierce Me With Your Penis
Yeast Infectors
Juggling Ball Abusers
Pool Party of Piss Kissers
Ass Raiders

I know this list will prove to be useful to you so don’t forget to print it out and carry it with you wherever you go.