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Learn How To Learn How To Properly Vape By Attending Beginner Vaping Classes

Learn how to vape the right way.

West Fargo, ND – Now that vaping is considered one of the healthiest things you can do, classes are being offered on how to vape in order to achieve all the benefits that vaping offers.

Dr. Grav Polisoto will be teaching new vapers not only how to properly vape but also what personal improvements you can expect to immediately see by moving into a vaping life style.

Some of the general benefits are: 1. vaping is easy and convenient 2. vaping can save you money, time, and hassle 3. it totally helps you relax 4. makes you smell good 5. can boost your social image 6. gives you something to tweet about.

7. Vaping is a healthy way to consume your consumables smoke-free 8. you’ll notice improvements in your oral hygiene, skin health, blood circulation, lung capacity and an improved sense of smell and taste.

9. You can have temperature control of your vapables while being able to choose between portable and large desktop vaporizers.

10. Vaporizers are durable and will most likely be around a lot longer than you, but vaping is something you can do until the day you die.

Sign up for Beginning Vaping Classes at any fitness center or wherever healthy products are sold.

Dr. Grav Polisoto (whose letters in his name re-arrange into Vaporologist) want all vapers to Be Proud Of Your Cloud!

Minnesota Raising Legal Cigarette Smoking Age To Fifty

Minnesota’s new minimum age to smoke cigarettes is now 50.

St. Paul, MN – In what many consider to be a bold move, Minnesota is upping the minimum legal age to smoke cigarettes to fifty (50).

Yes, we believe this is the right thing to do, so this is the reason why we are doing what we are doing, says Geier Stockmaster, who authored the bill.

Studies have shown that people who wait until age 50 to start smoking cigarettes increase their chances of living to age 65 by a factor of 10 (assuming they don’t get rear-ended by a distracted driver travelling at 50 mph).

How do you feel about Minnesota’s new minimum age to smoke?

How would you feel if the minimum wage was $50 per hour?

How would you like free Dilly Bars for the rest of your life?

Ironically, all the letters in Geier Stockmaster can be re-arranged to spell: Cigarette Smokers!

Pair of lungs or some other organ found on LA sidewalk

Los Angeles, CA – Sunday evening, authorities received a call to investigate what was reported to be a pair of lungs stuck to a south Los Angeles county sidewalk. With a veritable frenzy of visceral criminal activity sweeping the nation these days, the presence of (human?) lungs on a sidewalk does not surprise this reporter one bit. The Observer has no doubt that a backyard organ transplant went awry, causing the “doctor” to toss the ineffective organs out a moving car window. But what became of the body? Was the failed transplant victim’s corpse chopped up & stuffed down the drain? Is human life no longer sacred to us?? Will I become King of America someday?? Will the Cubs ever win the world series??? These are the burning questions.

The organs were turned over to the county coroner for examination. The police could not be sure if they were actually lungs or possibly a discarded placenta. The Observer is anxiously awaiting the coroner’s report.