Johnnny’s Eighth Retrospective (Posts 700-800)

June 28th, 2019 | by Johnnny
My second one hundred posts.

My 8th 100 posts. Now I can build an even longer fence!

Since 800 is such a nice round number, it was decided to use the occasion of my 800th post to take a trip back down memory lane.

So, it’s time once again to look back at Johnnny’s last 100 posts on your FM Observer.

All posts are listed as clickable hyperlinks in chronological order. Enjoy!

700. Johnnny’s seventh retrospective (posts 600-700)
701. Blood bank looking to hire vampires they can count on
702. Older cats not too hip on trendings of younger cool cats
703. Indian summer celebrated by many even though it’s no longer political correct
704. Dr. Finance: Should I buy some lottery tickets for the mega jackpot
705. President Trump orders up some hurricanes to dissuade caravan of illegals
706. Fargo woman fired from her good job for having a bad hair day
707. Fargo winter softball leagues open for sign up
708. Top ten reasons why the city of Moorhead secretly changed its voting locations
709. The cemetery is a good place for trick-or-treaters
710. Fargo’s first full-frontal face transplant operation deemed an international success
711. Heroic pilot somehow safely lands problematic plane at the Moorhead international airport
712. The pot now legal in four ND counties
713. How to properly entertain guests in your home for coffee or tea
714. UFO sightings over Ireland shortly after release of new Guinness-plus beer
715. New downtown Fargo condos with sheek new dilapidated exterior now for sale
716. NFL pickem calculator is amazingly accurate
717. Things North Dakotans have to be thankful for
718. Try this FMO family tradition whilst enjoying your Thanksgiving day togetherness
719. Man who had just figured out solution to climate change problem hit by bus
720. Fargo man won’t confirm nor deny that he’s running for president
721. Fargo family denied permission to adopt hammerhead shark
722. Sponge pudding shortage threatens some local family traditions
723. Use decorative duct tape to help your partner stop snoring during the holidays
724. Professional bowler stuns crowd during regional championship tournament
725. Nothing says I like you like butterscotch pudding
726. Secret Santa drops in early at many local businesses
727. Here is the winner of our annual picture-of-the-year contest
728. New test for dementia is highly conclusive
729. New home radar system detects and then detains package stealers
730. Vacationing President Trump blames Democrats for hurting his golf game
731. Fargo couple plans outdoor wedding during blizzard
732. Fargo’s 19th avenue north now open to one lane of traffic
733. FM Observer hires new CEO to right the ship
734. FM Observer’s reader’s new years resolutions
735. New game show called Double Jeopardy features twins acquitted of a crime but then tried again for exact same crime
736. Famous French chef accused of assault during Fargo master class
737. Local Fargo filmmaker has a big hit with his new film Gristly Nights
738. Merge Fargo north high with Fargo south high to make Fargo mega high school
739. Two Fargo illusionists go missing without a trace except for their pajamas
740. Long cold winter starting to take its effect on normal people
741. Algore sends frigid polar vortex into North Dakota as punishment for fracking
742. Fargo new born is suspected time traveler based on his post-birth questions
743. Five-day work week likened to rapid rat race
744. Abominable snowman comes to Fargo area in search of mate
745. Ringo was the most normal of the Beatles
746. New Fargo bar/lounge called The Peachflame to exclusively cater to weird people
747. Moorhead man modifies microwave oven to quickly clear snow from his driveway
748. Polar Vortex Pizza delivers your fully-cooked pizza completely frozen
749. Virginia governor Ralph Northam being pressured to do the moonwalk
750. Tie-dyed wind chill map warms hearts of former hippies
751. Top ten winter words North Dakotans are getting really sick of
752. Let the FM Observer help express your love on Valentines day
753. Doctors believe if you can live long enough you might be able to live forever
754. Smiling Depression is now considered a disease treatable with drugs
755. Creative ways to decline an offer besides just saying NO
756. Dr. Harshnel Quadflop called in to investigate Fargo’s recent outbreak of Ekbom’s Syndrome
757. FMO considering selling prayer pillows to help fund reader appreciation parties
758. Polar bear that enters north Fargo grocery store ends up in the canned meats aisle
759. Fargo man gains sixty pounds in one sitting at all-you-can-eat buffet
760. Fargo artist paints first-ever moving picture using kinetic oil paints
761. Fargo clock shoppe owner jailed for refusing to change his clocks to daylight savings time
762. Because of global change geese don’t know which direction to migrate
763. Democrats considering lowering voting age to ten while offering them free candy
764. FM Observers celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a surprise trip to Ireland
765. Proceeds from famous painting by Amsterdam Douglass to help fund Fargo’s flood fight
766. Charles Barkley helps FMO readers with March Madness
767. Cathy’s Cat Cafe opens in Fargo; Reviews give it five meows
768. Peter Pan claims he was abused by Michael Jackson until Tinker Bell found out
769. Today is the last day of the beginning of your life
770. Loud Michael Bolton music to be used at southern border to dissuade illegal entries
771. Police dog licks man to death
772. Dear FMO: How can we create a quagmire on our property?
773. Lucky local Mormon groom successfully marries identical twin sister brides
774. Some are now questioning if the Moorhead interchange planning was subpar
775. West Fargo’s Three Lions Pub: The history of its name
776. Notre Dame church fire in Paris may have been sparked by lone cigarette butt
777. Typo Insurance Company to offer typo insurance
778. House-warming gift ideas for the West Fargo/Fargo area
779. Further funding for Fort Fargo finally finds feasible financial footing
780. Directions to our FMO corporate headquarters for reader meet-n-greet parties
781. President-elect Joe Biden vows to make hudge fund managers take extredable cuts
782. Iconic downtown Fargo Theater to be converted into condos
783. Future-teller Precog coming to Fargo to give free readings to FMO readers
784. Kentucky Derby to be re-raced for first time in its history
785. Entire family goes missing after husband dreams they were all kidnapped
786. Baby Sussex the future king of England shall be called Jughead Forsythe P. Jones of Windsor
787. Group of Fargo wives put their husbands out on boulevard for clean-up week
788. Bad red panda gets solitary confinement after escaping from the Red River Zoo
789. Cooking Corner: How to cook a caged pigeon
790. Emergency counselors now available for problematic family situations
791. New ND Governor’s mansion mistaken for highway rest area by many travelers
792. FM Observer is upping our volume and encouraging our readers to up yours
793. Local couple’s painting worth a half million dollars destroyed by distracted driver
794. Norwegians marching to protest all those stupid Norwegian jokes
795. Top ten things to do in the Fargo-Moorhead area this weekend
796. A rare pair of Velociraptors seen wandering through West Fargo
797. FMO asking: How safe do you feel in north Fargo?
798. Next Fargo air show promises some amazing never-before-seen acts
799. FMO’s Insurance Desk now offering weekend insurance

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