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BigFoot Spotted Wandering Around Just Outside Of Moorhead

This incredible image of BigFoot was recently snapped by an amateur photographer just outside of Moorhead.

This incredible image of BigFoot was recently snapped by an amateur photographer named Darko Revkian just outside the quirky town of Moorhead, Minisoda.

Moorhead, MN – One of our trained spotters who was out doing some bird watching recently got what is believed to be the best picture ever of The BigFoot.

Darko Revkian and his camera were in search of a pileated woodpecker’s nest when he noticed a large creature walking towards an outhouse.

Darko: “All my photography training immediately kicked in and I somehow took a perfect picture of what now is believed to be the actual BigFoot.”

BigFoot experts think that the beast might be en route to Canada in the wake of Donald Trump’s successful bid for the White House.

In the meantime, Moorhead authorities are telling residents to shelter in place until the “All Clear” notification is given that The BigFoot is no longer wandering around the area.

BigFoot Spotted Roaming WE Fest Area

caption here

Arrow indicates where BigFoot slept.

Detroit Lakes, MN – Some call him BigFoot while others say Sasquatch. But all experts now agree that the overgrown Yeti now appears to be roaming around and sleeping in the Sioux Pass Ranch area, just in time for WE Fest.

Apparently driven out of Canada by the forest fires, BigFoot has been known to enjoy County Western music, beer, and snack foods.

So it comes as no big surprise that The Beast has shown up in the Detroit Lakes area just a few weeks before WE Fest starts to ramp up.

If you happen to encounter BigFoot in the Becker County forest, remember to not make direct eye contact with The Creature, and certainly do not mention anything about Obamacare.

In the past, Mr. Big has shown an affinity for Shania Twain songs, large bags of Doritos, and Heineken.

Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, photobombs Mars Curiosity photo.

Bigfoot is a name given to an ape-like creature that people believe inhabits forests in North America.  Scientists discredit the existence of Bigfoot due to lack of physical evidence.

Scientists can discredit no longer.

NASA and Mars Curiosity would like nothing more than to send back breathtaking photos of the alien planet.  Bigfoot will have none of that.  Mars Curiosity recently sent back an image from Mars that clearly shows Bigfoot deliberately photobombing.

CLICK TO VIEW Bigfoot photobombing a Mars Curiosity photo!

We know all too well that Bigfoot loves to photobomb here on earth but nobody knew the extent bigfoot would take to photobomb on another planet!

How they got there we have no idea but we can surely expect to see the believers release more photos of the suspected bigfoot in more photobombs.