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Fargo Woman Fired From Her Good Job For Having A Bad Hair Day

Do you think it’s OK to fire someone simply for having a bad hair day?

Fargo, ND – A woman showing up for work at Precision Geometrix Corporation in Fargo was fired on the spot for having an extremely bad hair day.

It is not known whether Ms. Baria Ridderhoff intentionally had her hair looking unusually crazy or if it was just a terribly fortuitous fluke.

From an outside observer’s standpoint (such as her boss), it was deemed to be “bad enough” to ask Baria to immediately pack up her personal belongings and head straight for the exit.

UPDATE: In an attempt to lawyer-up, Ms. Ridderhoff was seen headed to the hairport to allegedly go discuss her case with attorney Michael Avenatti in Newport Beach, California. As she boarded the haircraft, she gave the thumbs-up sign as her wild hair blew wildly in the wind.

Ironically, all of the letters in “Baria Ridderhoff” can somehow be blown around to spell: Fired For Bad Hair!

West Fargo Giant Weiner Hairdo

New Hair Style Sweeping the FM Area This Summer

West Fargo, ND – What is coming out the back of your head?  That’s the first question local bar patron asked when he saw something long and pointing at him from the back of a women’s head.

A new hair style is sweeping the FM area and it’s being nicked named the “Giant Wiener.”  After days of exhausting and extensive research, we were able to produce the picture below to explain how it got it’s name.

Giant Wiener Hair Style

This new summer fashion trend is hot and catching on.  Young women and young adults have started wearing their hair in a style that resembles one big giant wiener.

So girls, throw out your old styles and rethink your wardrobe, the giant wiener is hot, in, and ready for summer!

This is a MUST HAVE!!