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Sign Up To Win A Chance To Host Cher In Your Fargo Home During The Nights Of Her Concert

Cher wants to Share a night with you in your home! Just make sure you have some Chery Coke on hand!

Fargo, ND As part of her Final Outreach Tour, Cher wants to stay in the home of some lucky Fargo family in April 2020!

Sign up to win a chance to host Cher in your master bedroom during her two night stay in Fargo, before she scoots off to Green Bay, Wisconsin for her next big concert!

Email us all your personal contact information, along with your favorite Cher songs, and ten reasons why you love Cher!

Also explain why you think your home should be chosen to host Cher!

Please include a picture of your family, your pets, your home, and your master bedroomwhere Cher might sleep!

UND Football Team Adds Moose As Running Back To Roster In Effort To Beat The Bison

‘The Moose’ is a great running back but does sometimes have a problem holding on to the football.

Grand Forks, ND – In a last ditch effort to topple the NDSU Bison football team, the UND former Fighting Sioux have enlisted the help of an almost unstoppable running back.

As you might expect, his name is Bullwinkle and the scouting report on him says this running back is extremely hard to catch, contain, and tackle!

Bullwinkle (‘The Moose’ as his teammates affectionately call him) is believed to be from the Moose Jaw River area way up there in Saskatchewan, eh?

Coach says his coaching staff is very high on Bullwinkle and are hoping he can help bring the former Fighting Sioux a Nickel Trophy win against the mooseless Bison team.

Famous Rock Band ‘Autopsia’ Is Coming To Fargo; Tickets Selling Madly

Autopsia will turn your life upside down!

Fargone, ND Another excessively huge concert is just about to be announced for Fargo, North Dakotah!

Autopsia will be performing some of their greatest mega-hits, including:

Coffee and Cremation, Dead Upon Arrival, Peace Corpse, Skeletonia, The Last Laugh, Coffin Syrup, Prince Deadward, Hotel Gravestonia, Postmortem Fest, Autopsycho, Room 666, and Deadendless.

This incredible concert is brought to you by Hell-Oh Productions.

For ticket information, listen to the radio, watch TV, read newspapers, or just talk with your friends.

Do not miss Autopsia performing all the songs that made them one of the most recognizable bands in the world of music.

FM Observer Rating: ★★★★★

FMO Announces The 2018 Smartest Kids Contest

How smart is your kid?

West Fargo, ND – The FM Observer is excitedly proud to announce our 2018 Smartest Kids Contest.

“Think of this as a spelling bee but you’re asked questions instead of spelling words,” says Dr. Thomas Tuttle, who runs the Smartest Kids Contest, and who also won his age division when he was younger.

Questions can be on any topic such as current events, general factoids, members of President Trump’s cabinet, cocktail ingredients, historical facts, who’s married to whom, sports trivia, the value of PI, and much much more.

First place winners in each age group will win a trip to Grand Forks, whilst second place winners will win two trips to Grand Forks, and so on and so forth.

If you would like to participate, simply contact Dr. Thomas Tuttle with all your personal information such as name, birth date, Mother’s maiden name, social security number, bank accounts and credit cards. After that, simply start studying for Fargo’s 2018 Smartest Kids Contest!

One tip: Answers to all the possible contest questions can be found in the Fargo Public Liberry.

After Devastating Loss, NDSU Bison Football Program To Be Cancelled

After a great run and then a hugely painful loss, NDSU football program to be replaced with Jai Alai.

Fargodome, ND – Some thought the dream would just go on forever.

People had already purchased tickets to Frisco, Texas to cheer on the NDSU Bison football team to win their sixth straight national championship, and that this trend would simply continue ad infinitum.

However, the brakes got abruptly slammed on after an extremely painful spanking by James Madison University.

Many are now thinking this would be the perfect time to repeal and replace the football program with something “more in tune with the times”.

Bobo Fontillas, president of Jai Alai America, believes that NDSU should bring the incredibly popular and fast-paced sport of Jai Alai to NDSU.

“Jai Alai, which is sometimes affectionately called Zesta Punta, would work very nicely in the Fargodome, especially now that the football ‘thing’ has reached an obvious nadir,” explains Bobo Fontillas.

How do you feel about the NDSU Bison Football program being repealed and replaced with Jai Alai? Are you ready to stop punting a football and start watching some exciting Zesta Punta?

Ironically, all of the letters in Bobo Fontillas can be re-arranged to spell: Bison Football!

Rolling Stones Latest New Hit: Sympathy For Dementia

'Sympathy For Dementia' being well-received by aging baby boomers.

‘Sympathy For Dementia’ being well-received by aging baby boomers.

Devils Tower, WY – The forever Rolling Stones have once again put forth another song for the ages, or in this case, a song for the aging.

Sympathy For Dementia is their latest new hit song and for many baby boomers who are entering their sunset years, this song hits home with them.

The song has unofficially been dedicated to their dear friend Glen Campbell who was once a member of the original Beach Boys and who now suffers from dementia.

The Rolling Stones will be taking their Sympathy For Dementia show on the road just as they have been doing for the past 55 years.

Stay tuned for tour stop locations as The Fargodome has been mentioned as a possible concert venue.

Led Zeppelin To Play For Giant Prom Dance At The Fargodome

All F-M area high skools to celebrate prom together dancing to the tunes of Led Zeppelin.

All F-M area high skools to celebrate prom together dancing to the tunes of Led Zeppelin.

Fargo, ND – Fargodome officials were very excited to announce that Led Zeppelin will perform for an all-high school prom this Spring.

The event coordinator, Ms. Ann Arky puts it this way: “Instead of many small little baby proms each dancing to Barry Manilow CDs, we decided to have all the high schools come together and jointly dance to live music by the band Led Zeppelin.”

Here are some student reactions to this big announcement:

Richard Lucas from Fargo South: “I’ve never heard of Led Zeppelin but I like the idea of all the high schools having one big prom.”

Alissa Dexter from Shanley shared this with us: “I’m thinking this is going to be the best prom ever!

Clark Coburn of Fargo Davies High School: “I love Led Zeppelin! Maybe the prom theme will be Stairway To Heaven!

Barry Manilow’s ‘No Apologies’ Tour Announces Possible Stop In Fargo

caption here

Barry Manilow offering ‘No Apologies’ for any of the songs he’s written.

Barry University, FL – The one and only Barry Manilow with his latest “No Apologies” Concert Tour has announced he is considering a concert tour stop in Fargo.

A few contract details still need to be ironed out such as the final price tag, and all the specific requirements for snacks in Barry Manilow’s dressing room.

FMO: Why is your concert tour called “No Apologies”?

Barry Manilow: Because I refuse to apologize for some of the songs I wrote!

FMO: Why would you apologize for some of the songs you’ve written?

Barry Manilow: Only because some people and websites are calling for me to apologize for some of the songs that I’ve written. Apparently they really do not like them and wish I’d never written them.

FMO: Do they mention which songs you should apologize for?

caption here

Long list of required dressing room “snacks”.

Barry Manilow: I guess some of them might include: Lay Me Down, Talk To Me, Marry Me A Little, Freddie Said, The Night That Tito Played, Can’t Smile Without You, I Want To Be Somebody’s Baby, Turn Up The Radio, and I Write The Songs That Make The Young Girls Cry.

FMO: So, why don’t you just apologize?

Barry Manilow: No! I am Barry Manilow and I will apologize for nothing! I like all of my songs, including my latest one that I just wrote yesterday which is called “No Apologies”.

Binge Drinking OKed In Fargodome Suites During Football Games

caption here

Raise your beer pitcher and let’s toast to binge drinking in all suite seats!

Fargo, ND – The Good News: The decision has been made to finally allow binge drinking during Bison football games.

The Bad News: Binge drinking will only be allowed in suites. So, if you’re not in a suite, all your drinking will have to be drunk during the tailing gating party in the parking lot prior to entering the Fargodome.

The Other Good News: The entire Fargodome has now been zoned as one giant “suite”, so no matter where you are, binge drinking will not only be allowed, but encouraged.

Ghost Convention To Be Held In Fargo, North Dakota

caption here

Ghost convention coming to Fargo!

Fargo, ND – Living organizers of the International Ghost Convention have just announced that the next International Ghost Convention will be held in Fargo, North Dakota on Monday night, October 31st, or as most spiritual beings call it: Halloween.

Because of the large number of ghastly ghosts expected to attend, the Fargodome has been selected to be the haunted hang-out to house all these haughty hobgoblins.

Casper the friendly ghost, along with his uncles, the Ghostly Trio, have been asked to emcee this eerie event.

This annual convening of ghosts will officially begin at eight o’clock (post meridiem) and will gho until just before sunrise on Saturday morning, November 1st, when all the attendees will be heading back to their spirit world.

Fargodome staffers will need time on Saturday morning to clean up and set up for the NDSU football game in which the Bizon will be hosting the feral jackrabbits from South Dakota State University.

Update: Any brave trick-or-treaters are invited to come and join the fun. This would be a great chance to see the ghost version of the Fargo Airshow!